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Far Away Show- Great to Look Forward To…

As someone that is interested in Chicano culture, I’m very excited for this! It takes place April 20th.Check out the description below and the link for more info!

“Intercultural Journeys presents excerpts from the concert opera, Guadalupe: Our Lady of the Roses. This dynamic work concludes the Crossing Cultures initiative to connect the Center City arts world and the arts and culture of Latino communities of Philadelphia. Written by James DeMars, Guadalupe emphasizes the themes of reconciliation, tolerance, nonviolence, and love between warring cultures. DeMars score uses Spanish, English, Nahautl, and Latin to present its themes. Intercultural Journeys’ Artistic Director and Philadelphia Orchestra cellist, Udi Bar-David has assembled an extraordinary group of artists for this project and is collaborating with organizations such as Artistas y Músicos Latino Americanos, Taller Puertorriqueño, the Dalí Quartet, and Elite Strings Progam.”

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